Does Coffee Cause Acne?

Worried you might have to give up your morning coffee to clear up your acne? I get this question constantly from all the coffee lovers out there!

does coffee cause acne

I get it …. people love their coffee, and for a lot of us, it’s terrifying to think we might never get to enjoy it again. It’s terrible to have to choose between your favorite treats and your skin.

So what’s the deal with coffee and acne?

For starters, coffee is really proven to have quite a number of health benefits and seemingly they never actually discovered a really strong link between coffee and blood sugar levels, which was what we’re talking about last week – aka. Keeping blood sugar levels steady in order to clear your skin.

So it has health benefits, as you know, but it also has a lot of caffeine. And when you might have caffein, what occurs is that it releases a lot of adrenaline in your body.

Adrenaline is another word for strain…. you understand when someone nearly hits your auto…. your anxiety levels soar, and your adrenaline is going. The difficulty is that you understand how stressed out we’re typically in the rest of our lives although that’s fine once in a while….

Caffein does’t really help with that. Now the thing about caffeine is that it really really is dependent upon your body and your skin.

For some people, caffeine changes their skin a lot and for other folks, caffeine is actually no big deal.

There is certainly really no way to understand precisely if you don’t cease the coffee and see if it’s an impact on your skin.

So this has a bad effect on insulin and it really stresses out your adrenal glands and it messes up your hormones… you know all these things are not good for the body and skin.

So my view is that I ca’t actually advocate that you have it every single day… I do’t think it’s not bad for the health not and to be relying on it especially having it replace meals… to mention that most people place sugar and dairy product into their java which is not necessarily good for your own skin either.

Like I said it actually depends on you and your body as to how big a deal caffeine is. If you really, really, truly adore java possibly is not any big deal to only have it maybe 2 to 3 times per week and be sure you have it not and with a meal that is good as a meal replacement. And definitely go easy on sugar and the milk.

Also if you actually adore the taste and it’s only the taste that really gets you, then go for decaf, although decaf does’t have all the health benefits of coffee because those are somehow taken out in the decaffeination process.

Because otherwise they use chemical processes to do away with it, also try to go for decaf in which the caffeine is removed with water or steam.

So that’s the deal with java, in my opinion…. so I’m very sorry if you completely adore it and you just do’t want to let go of it… but you understand… what I will say! It might be a go for you and your skin, or it might not (as annoying as that solution is!)


photo credit: ZOKA-0510 via photopin (license)